Five Simple Ways to Make Today a Good Day

hopeyourdayFeeling happier and healthier isn’t always about the big things. Sometimes it’s the little things that can turn your day from average to smiling-so-much-your-face-hurts. Here are five simple ways to turn your Friday into Fri-yay! (Sorry, even I cringed as I typed that).

1. Eat mindfully. If you’re anything like me, you scoff down your breakfast standing in the kitchen, eat your lunch at your desk and scramble to make dinner while thinking about all the things you should get done instead of watching another episode of Suits (and Suits wins more often than it should…). Today, for one meal, try to eat mindfully. That means chewing thoughtfully, paying attention to the flavours and textures and noting how lucky you are to have such a wonderful meal (yes, even if it’s a tuna salad). There are plenty of people in the world who aren’t so lucky.

Salmon by The Shrinking Hubby… easy to savour

Salmon by The Shrinking Hubby… easy to savour

2. Smile at a stranger. And not that tight-lipped polite smile you give people as you’re barging past them on the escalator either. I’m talking a big, toothy, genuine smile that people can’t help but reciprocate. You might be amazed at how good it makes you feel.

3. Do some exercise. Sorry to be predictable, but exercise really does lift your mood. The endorphins, the circulation, the rosy glow… it all adds up to a happier, healthier looking and feeling you. Pick your poison – it could be as simple as walking your dog, sneaking in a quick skipping workout in the backyard or trying something new, like a Pilates class. Or – better still – turn up a little Taylor and dance like mad around your living room. #becausenowwegotbadblood

Inversions make you happy!

Inversions make you happy!

4. Tell someone you love them**. How often do you tell the people you care about exactly how you feel? If the answer is ‘not often enough’ then this is your chance. You know you feel it, so what’s actually blocking you from saying it? Fear? Anxiety? Pride? Whatever the reason, I’d wager that the pros far outweigh the cons. Stop thinking about it and blurt it out – to your mum, your dad, your sibling, your partner, your grandma…. if you feel it, say it loud and say it proud baby!
** Providing you do actually love them… don’t be an asshole about it.

5. Cuddle a puppy. Because DOGS.



Happy Friday Beautiful People!!!



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