My Fit Life with Zoe Bingley-Pullin

You might know Zoe Bingley-Pullin as the ‘good’ half of Good Chef, Bad Chef on Channel 10. What you mightn’t know is that not only is she an accomplished chef, she’s also a trained nutritionist, cookbook author and mum, who loves to share he passion for food. And on top of all that, Zoe is a huge advocate for getting out and getting moving – whether that be scheduled personal training sessions or walks with her family. Phew, tired yet? Well, Zoe’s not, and today she’s sharing with us exactly where her seemingly boundless energy is coming from. Sign us up!

LineTake us through your week in exercise
I take a real lifestyle approach to exercise, to make sure it fits as best as possible with my schedule; things have definitely changed since having my daughter Emily, and it’s now about exercising when I can.

I’m a big believer in making sure you do something every day. For example, on Mondays and Tuesdays I’ll walk Emily to daycare, which is up a massive hill and is a 40 minute round trip – with a pram!

Wednesdays are my day home with Emily, and I love to get outside with her and walk everywhere; to Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction, the park or even playgroup.

Thursdays and Fridays I see a personal trainer, and we do a lot around form; so making sure that whenever I’m not at the gym I’m moving the way that’s best for my body. It’s this good quality movement that works your body and you can achieve so much if you’ve got the right form.

For the weekends, I tend to have one active day where I go on a lovely walk with my husband, Michael and Emily, or perhaps we play at the playground. The other day is for rest!

It’s really Michael that taught me this regularity, and now exercise is just a part of my lifestyle.

ZBP - Lazy Girl FitnessWhat’s your favourite place to work out? 
Anywhere outdoors! I love being outdoors, being social, in the sun, breathing the fresh air. Being outside really helps to recharge – never underestimate how good this can make you feel.

What’s your favourite music to work out to?
If I’m working out on my own, or outdoors, I don’t really listen to music; I love listening to what’s going on around me.

At the gym though, I love hearing the high energy, bass-heavy music they play.

Describe your workout fashion style
I love workout gear that shows off the body because I’m someone who’s very proud of their physique and I’m always working on feeling my best. My father always said to me: the most beautiful woman in the room is not the most skinny, but the most confident. This is something I live by.

I also enjoy the variety in workout gear, the colours and the prints. It’s really an extension of your personality. But, for someone who’s always in their workout gear, it must always be quality!

Your favourite post-workout meal? 
Normally this will be something high protein like eggs. For example it could be scrambled eggs made using Vitasoy’s Almond Milk Unsweetened (I really like the mild, nutty flavour, plus it’s made using Australian grown whole almonds – win!). Otherwise, I also enjoy a fruit and veggie smoothie with some beautiful fresh fruits and plenty of greens.

Favourite exercise? 
I absolutely love running, especially the challenge of long distance running. My trainer and I have been working on form, as I’m very interested in how this plays into running.

I also really enjoy dancing (even though I’ve got two left feet), golf and scuba diving – you could say I’m a very active person!

Least favourite exercise?
I don’t really have one! I love all forms of exercise – especially anything that will get the heart rate going – and will give any exercise a go.ZBP - Lazy Girl Fitness 2

What positive impact has being fit and healthy had on your life?
Without sounding cheesy, I’d honestly say being fit and healthy has given me my success in life. I’ve got a happy life, I’m loved and I’m able to give back (through my nutrition business) because I’m healthy.

Being fit and healthy is also really important mentally, for how you cope with life and stress. It’s become a healthy coping mechanism for me, and given me a great toolbox of things that can instantly make me feel good – something I can use for life.

What are your top three tips for staying healthy?
1. Attitude: it’s all about how you approach it. Fighting being healthy takes more energy than doing the healthy things, so just get in and get it done.
2. You don’t have to be wealthy to be healthy: there’s a big belief that to be healthy you need to go to the gym, eat organic and so on. But even by doing simple things as going for a walk outside or swapping your frozen meals to fresh meals, you’re one step closer. It’s important to celebrate every win.
3. Get your 5 and 2: serves of veggies and fruits that is! It will make such a difference in how you feel. I’m so passionate about educating people on food and how to eat for a better lifestyle, and I’ve recently launched my program, Falling in Love with Food, to do so.

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