Things I Have Learned from Dogs

I have a dog calendar on my desk. A friend of mine gave it to me for Christmas last year, so every single day I get to flip a page and discover a new puppy. About once a week the adorable doggies also have some words of wisdom to share with me. They’re wise little guys, reminding me that life is pretty awesome.  Anyway, this daily flipping of the dog calendar got me to thinking… what else can we learn from dogs? Well, as it turns out, plently! I’ve gathered some quotes that matched the Lazy Girl Fitness ethos (and rang particularly true for me on a personal level). And while the quotes themselves may not have come directly from the mouths of our canine friends, you can bet that they epitomise the sentiment better than any human could ever hope to. So happy Friday, and enjoy!


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The Only Piece of Fitness Equipment You’ll Ever Need

No, it’s not a skipping rope. I am, of course, talking about a DOG. Seriously, a dog is your ticket to incidental exercise. When you make the decision to own a dog, you’re making a commitment of sorts to your health and wellbeing. A dog needs to be walked, he needs to breathe fresh air and other doggie smells and your ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ excuses just won’t cut it with him.

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