Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Michael Cunico, National PT Manager FF exerciseA couple of weeks ago I spoke to Michael Cunico, National Personal Training Manager at Fitness First, to get a little insight into the most common mistakes he sees happening in the gym (you can check out the full post here). Today he’s back, and we’re talking personal trainers – how a good trainer can help combat these mistakes and what you should look for when you’re searching for a PT. [Read more…]

Are You Making These Common Workout Mistakes?

Technique on point.

Technique on point… Michael Cunico shows us how it is D-O-N-E.

There’s no denying that the gym can be a daunting place. So many machines. So many people. SO MUCH TERROR. Unfortunately, when this lack of knowledge is coupled with an inability to ask for help you’ve got a recipe for disaster. A quick scan around the gym before a workout often has me cringing involuntarily – I see a lot of people doing some pretty questionable things. So this week I sat down with Fitness First’s National Personal Training Manager, Michael Cunico, to chat to him about the most common mistakes he sees around the gym. And this is what he had to say…

Line [Read more…]

Five Simple Ways to Make Today a Good Day

hopeyourdayFeeling happier and healthier isn’t always about the big things. Sometimes it’s the little things that can turn your day from average to smiling-so-much-your-face-hurts. Here are five simple ways to turn your Friday into Fri-yay! (Sorry, even I cringed as I typed that). [Read more…]

The Ride to Conquer Cancer – Lara Witchard

Winning isn’t always about how many reps you can do, how fast you can run or how thoroughly you’re beating the person next to you. Sometimes the act of being able to compete at all is more than you imagined as a possibility.

Meet Lara Witchard. [Read more…]

Five Health Mistakes to Avoid this Weekend


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It’s almost the weekend. Which means it’s time to let your hair down, right? Right! Well, to a certain extent anyway. You know I’m a huge advocate of balance, but that doesn’t mean that now is the time to go out and attempt to break the world record for most damage you can do to your body in a single 48 hour period. [Read more…]

Five Ways to Make This Week a Good One

No matter how much you love your job, chances are that Sunday night brings about a touch of melancholy. Do yourself a favour and make this week a good one by implementing these five simple tips. [Read more…]

Walk In Her Shoes Fundraiser – Train With Me!


Live in Sydney and want to help me raise money for a good cause?  Come to my fundraising training session! See above and RSVP by Wednesday. I’ve got an awesome session planned, with lucky door prizes from some amazing companies – so get on board! [Read more…]

Top Training Tips from Andrew ‘Pap’ Papadopoulos’

Andrew 'Pap' Papa

Andrew ‘Pap’ Papadpoulos

Andrew ‘Pap’ Papadopoulos is the newest IsoWhey® Sports ambassador, owner and operator of BattleFit Australia and was the star of ESPN’s search4hurt Season 2.

A fortnight ago I was lucky/unlucky enough to take part in a session run by Andrew and sponsored by IsoWhey® Sports. 100% honesty, I loved every sweat-filled second of it. Andrew takes a pretty honest, no bullshit approach to training – which I love – so I wanted to find out a little more about him, his own training ethos and steal some of his tips for getting the most out of training.

I did it all for you, ladies. [Read more…]

The Walk in Her Shoes Challenge for CARE Australia – Join or Sponsor Me!

Walk in her shoes1

It’s Friday, and for most people reading this, that means the end of another long week at work. Your feet hurt, right? And you’re tired. So tired. But imagine if you had to walk long distances every day, just to access food, water and healthcare for you and your family. And if that meant you had little time for education or paid work. [Read more…]

The (not-so) Lazy Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day


So, it’s the day before Valentine’s Day and you haven’t planned anything for you and your sweet little shnookums yet. Well, I might be a single girl who’s plan for the big day consists of hanging out with my lady-husband at the Open Air Cinema, but rest assured, that doesn’t mean I can’t help you out with a few excellent Valentine’s Day date ideas. They may not be your regular flowers and chocolates, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be romantical in their own way. [Read more…]