My Fit Life with Zoe Bingley-Pullin

You might know Zoe Bingley-Pullin as the ‘good’ half of Good Chef, Bad Chef on Channel 10. What you mightn’t know is that not only is she an accomplished chef, she’s also a trained nutritionist, cookbook author and mum, who loves to share he passion for food. And on top of all that, Zoe is a huge advocate for getting out and getting moving – whether that be scheduled personal training sessions or walks with her family. Phew, tired yet? Well, Zoe’s not, and today she’s sharing with us exactly where her seemingly boundless energy is coming from. Sign us up!

LineTake us through your week in exercise
I take a real lifestyle approach to exercise, to make sure it fits as best as possible with my schedule; things have definitely changed since having my daughter Emily, and it’s now about exercising when I can. [Read more…]

6-Week Challenge – TWO SPOTS LEFT + Exciting New Prizes

two spots left

Hi Team!

Just a quick note to let you know that I am alive and well, and to apologise for my extreme slackness in the blogging department of late. I have been madly writing the eBook and planning sessions for my Six-Week Challenge, which kicks off NEXT MONDAY, 3rd NOVEMBER!  [Read more…]

Review of Vicious Cycle – Bondi Beach

ViciousCycle1Historically I have not been the world’s biggest cycling fan. I find it highly challenging – both mentally and physically – and have a terrible habit of pretending it doesn’t exist. So when I was asked to trial Vicious Cycle in Bondi a couple of weeks ago I took it as a sign from the exercise gods that I needed to stop being such a wuss.

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The Perfect Weekend

A  little caffeinated inspiration | salted caramel & banana smoothies | Sunday afternoon blogging space

A little caffeinated inspiration | salted caramel & banana smoothies | Sunday afternoon blogging space

OK so it’s not often that I share specifics or go into any great detail about my weekends (a girl’s gotta have some secrets, right?) but I’ve had a couple of EXCELLENT ones of late, and it got me to thinking about what it is that makes a weekend special for me.

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City2Surf Training Tips

It’s a little under 11 weeks until the 2013 Sun-Herald City2Surf, and people all over the country are starting to panic a little. Why did I enter? Is there enough time left to train? Do I really have to wear a Spiderman costume? Well folks, the answers to those, and many more questions, will be answered in today’s post.

City2Surf start line! (source:

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