Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Michael Cunico, National PT Manager FF exerciseA couple of weeks ago I spoke to Michael Cunico, National Personal Training Manager at Fitness First, to get a little insight into the most common mistakes he sees happening in the gym (you can check out the full post here). Today he’s back, and we’re talking personal trainers – how a good trainer can help combat these mistakes and what you should look for when you’re searching for a PT. [Read more…]

Ruski’s Birthday Workout (but you can do it too!)


Tomorrow is my lady-husband’s birthday. Well actually hopefully it’s today by the time you’re reading this. Either way, she is turning the ripe old age of 28. I remember being 28…. back then we had to walk 10 miles through the snow to get to school, with no shoes and only cow pats to keep our feet warm. Or maybe I’m getting confused with my dad’s ‘when I was a boy’ stories… [Read more…]

Five Fit Minutes with… Cherida Forde


I feel like Cherida is exactly the kind of girl you’d want on your side if you found yourself in some kind of physical fight. She might be tiny, but the girl is fit, fast and STRONG. She’s be ducking and weaving and smashing out a few uppercuts before your enemy even knew what hit them. Literally. Plus, she’d fool them all with her sweet demeanour. And in unrelated but equally excellent news, she loves wine.  [Read more…]

Total Body Workout for Beginners


It’s been a bit of a crazy week here at Lazy Girl Fitness HQ (otherwise known as ‘wherever I happen to be with my laptop’). Between regular work, training sessions, planning for my Vitality Show workout and preso (more info to come later this week) and preparation for today’s half marathon, I’ve really dropped the ball as far as posting goes. Fear not though, I’m back this week and firing on all cylinders! [Read more…]

Five Fit Minutes with… Lauren Priest

I first met Lozzy a few years ago when she was just a wee little tyke, running the City2Surf for the first time. She was full of energy and totally crazy back then, and not much has changed since. Oh, except she’s now a qualified personal trainer and has just completed her Masters in Dietetics and taken on a full time role as a dietician. And she’s still only 23. [Read more…]

The LGF KISS Workout

Sure, doing a double twist pike to lunge push up from a reverse headstand position is great, but sometimes you’ve gotta take things back to basics. Yep, in my humble opinion there’s a lot to be said for the simpler things in life.

I’ve kept that at the front of my mind while designing this little workout for you tonight. All you’ll need is yourself, a kettlebell and a sturdy step or box. And you know what? If you don’t have those things then just switch in a different exercise – it’s that simple.LGF.kissworkout

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Flexibility in Planning

Not a terrible view from Fitness First Bondi Junction

Not a terrible view from Fitness First Bondi Junction

It’s pretty widely acknowledged as fact that for optimum results, you should always ALWAYS go into your workout session with a plan. But what about when you just don’t wanna do legs? You simply cannot do another push up. You will DIE if someone makes you do another kettlebell swing. You can’t! You won’t!

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A Few of My Favourite Things About Exercise


When you’re 600 reps into a hellish 700-rep workout, dripping with sweat and your muscles screaming in pain, it can be difficult to remember exactly why it is that you exercise at all. Ever.

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20 Minutes of Hell Workout (no equipment required)

Last week at work I overheard one of my colleagues say (and I quote) ‘it’s too wet to go to the gym’. I can’t quite get my head around this one, given that most gyms I’ve visited have four walls and a roof designed specifically to keep the rain out, but apparently it’s the journey to the gym while it’s raining that’s overwhelming. So anyway, I thought I’d make life easier for everyone with another simple workout that you can do at home, no mad dash from the parking lot to the gym required. [Read more…]

My New Favourite Workout

I’ve got a new favourite workout.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a few days where I’ve been lacking my usual drive to get stuck into a high intensity circuit. I don’t really know why… I think I’ve just been feeling tired after some busy weekends away. Anyway whatever the reason, rather than force the issue, I’ve adapted my workouts a little, turning them into something a little more palatable.

You're welcome ladies [image source:]

You’re welcome ladies [image source:

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