Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Michael Cunico, National PT Manager FF exerciseA couple of weeks ago I spoke to Michael Cunico, National Personal Training Manager at Fitness First, to get a little insight into the most common mistakes he sees happening in the gym (you can check out the full post here). Today he’s back, and we’re talking personal trainers – how a good trainer can help combat these mistakes and what you should look for when you’re searching for a PT. [Read more…]

Five Simple Ways to Make Today a Good Day

hopeyourdayFeeling happier and healthier isn’t always about the big things. Sometimes it’s the little things that can turn your day from average to smiling-so-much-your-face-hurts. Here are five simple ways to turn your Friday into Fri-yay! (Sorry, even I cringed as I typed that). [Read more…]

Tabata Tuesday – Kettlebell Style

You know what’s enough to turn even the most hardened among us into a quivering mess? Tabata. It’s bloody hard work – let’s just get that out of the road up front. It’s four minutes of what equates to pretty much hell on earth, but also kind of fun in a sucky way (if you’re a masochist) and seriously good for you, for a bunch of reasons I’ve outlined just here. [Read more…]

8-Minute HIIT Bodyweight Workout

Arctic conditions
So Team, apparently we’re having an arctic snap. I don’t really know what that means, but I’ve taken to wearing a singlet, a long sleeve top, a duck down vest, a duck down jacket and some gloves every time I leave the house, so to be honest we could be in the middle of an actual blizzard and I’m not sure I would notice.

[Read more…]

Lower Body Burner

Lower Body.bodyweight.FB

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – there’s something very impressive about strong glutes and legs. Forget the thigh gap, because seriously what good does that actually do you in the real world? Wouldn’t you rather know that you can kick stuff? Run if you were being chased? Climb a 6-foot fence because you were locked out of your apartment? (yep, that happened this week). [Read more…]

Top Training Tips from Andrew ‘Pap’ Papadopoulos’

Andrew 'Pap' Papa

Andrew ‘Pap’ Papadpoulos

Andrew ‘Pap’ Papadopoulos is the newest IsoWhey® Sports ambassador, owner and operator of BattleFit Australia and was the star of ESPN’s search4hurt Season 2.

A fortnight ago I was lucky/unlucky enough to take part in a session run by Andrew and sponsored by IsoWhey® Sports. 100% honesty, I loved every sweat-filled second of it. Andrew takes a pretty honest, no bullshit approach to training – which I love – so I wanted to find out a little more about him, his own training ethos and steal some of his tips for getting the most out of training.

I did it all for you, ladies. [Read more…]

17-Minute Leg & Butt Burner

Pick who's had the most alcoholic beverages (spoiler alert: it's me)

Pick who’s had the most alcoholic beverages (spoiler alert: it’s me)

God I love weekends. Don’t get me wrong, the working week is fine too, but W-E-E-K-E-N-D-S. I’ve had my bro and sister-in-law in town since Friday, so this has been an extra special one. Lots of eating, swimming, walking, drinking, shopping and relaxing. Just the way a weekend should be, in my humble opinion. Oh and Messina, did I mention Messina? Because there was definitely some Messina. [Read more…]

Top Five Tips for Healthy Summer Skin


I love training outdoors for a thousand reasons, but there’s no denying a couple of minor annoyances. One is the weather (if anyone has Mother Nature’s contact details please let me know) and the other is the havoc it can wreak on my skin if I’m not careful. I’m guessing that many of you have had similar issues, so I spoke to Lisa Hody, Manager of Thaspa (my absolute fave spa in the Sydney CBD) to get her top five tips for ensuring our skin stays healthy when we’re training outdoors. If you’re in the area you should book yourself in for a treatment – you’ll walk out feeling a million bucks, I guarantee it. [Read more…]

Advanced Workout 1


So we’re less than three weeks from Christmas, and – if you’re anything like me – that means you’re out a little more, drinking more, eating differently and just generally not in your usual routine. That’s ok though – you need to have a little fun in your life (or even a lot!), it just means you might need to work a little harder in the gym for the next couple of weeks to keep that balance.

From now until Christmas, I’m going to post an ‘advanced’ workout each Sunday night. That’s three workouts designed to challenge you, make you sweat and burn some of those pesky extra calories.

These workouts are not for beginners though, nope nope nope. So as always, consult your doctor if you’re unsure whether they are suitable for you.

Here’s number 1, give it a whirl and let me know what you think!


Get Fit for Summer? Get Fit for Life Baby!


So, summer is approximate 75 hours away and – damn it – you’ve left your 2013/14 New Year’s resolution to ‘get fit’ a little late… again. [Read more…]