LGF 28-Day Abs Challenge – Week 3


Week Three! If this was the City2Surf, you’d be almost at the top of Heartbreak Hill right now – the going gets tough this week (really tough) but you’re starting to feel like you can almost see the finish line and it feels GOOD! If you’re starting to struggle, don’t be afraid to split your workout up – do half in the morning and half before bed. It doesn’t matter when you’re doing the challenge, just as long as you keep doing it!

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LGF 28-Day Abs Challenge – Week 2


OK so we’re now onto Day 9 of the LGF 28-Day Abs Challenge, and while it’s predominantly running via Facebook, I realised today that I needed to post it here on the blog as well to ensure that noone can escape! If you missed yesterday but want to stay involved, just make today your ‘Day 8’ and skip your first rest day – you’ll have caught up in no time.

Need a refresher of how to perform each of the exercises? Check out my original post here.

And if you want to keep up to date with the challenge via Facebook, please like my page here. You can also follow me on Twitter here and on Instagram {search Lazygirlfit}. Phew – now that’s the social media pimping out of the way I’ll let you get back to the challenge!