Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Michael Cunico, National PT Manager FF exerciseA couple of weeks ago I spoke to Michael Cunico, National Personal Training Manager at Fitness First, to get a little insight into the most common mistakes he sees happening in the gym (you can check out the full post here). Today he’s back, and we’re talking personal trainers – how a good trainer can help combat these mistakes and what you should look for when you’re searching for a PT. [Read more…]

Total Body Workout for Beginners


It’s been a bit of a crazy week here at Lazy Girl Fitness HQ (otherwise known as ‘wherever I happen to be with my laptop’). Between regular work, training sessions, planning for my Vitality Show workout and preso (more info to come later this week) and preparation for today’s half marathon, I’ve really dropped the ball as far as posting goes. Fear not though, I’m back this week and firing on all cylinders! [Read more…]

Five Fit Minutes with… Georgina Smith

I love being surrounded by people who have the same passion for health and fitness that I do. I love to hear about their exercise routines, what they like to eat after a workout, what they like to listen to when they’re pounding the pavement and what it is that inspires them to push through their pain barrier or ignore that the little voice in their head that tells them to hit the snooze button. [Read more…]

Lovely Legs Workouts

If you ask me, lovely legs are strong legs. You know, legs that can carry stuff. And kick stuff. And squat stuff. And leap tall buildings in a single bound. Or at least carry you up the stairs in said tall building without needing to call an ambulance.

Lovely strong legs don’t just happen though. You gotta work for them ladies! And here are a couple of workouts that will help get you there.

Lovely Legs Workout 1 - no equipment; medium-high intensity

Lovely Legs Workout 1 – no equipment; medium-high intensity (save this pic onto your phone for easy access)

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Lazy Girl Eats – Sanduba

Attempting to find a place that serves a satisfying, nutritious lunch in the Sydney CBD is a bit like trying to find an Australian sports team that’s not losing to the Poms at the moment – they’re few and far between. So when I stumbled across Sanduba on George Street recently, I knew that the only fair thing to do was spread the word as far and wide as possible.


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LG Motivation – Bev Robinson (yup, my mum!)

Most of us have taken a break from exercise at some point in our life. And no matter the reason (injury, new job, laziness, having children or any other shift in priorities) there’s one thing that can be guaranteed – it’s REALLY difficult to get back into it.

So when that ‘break from exercise’ turns into decades and becomes a way of life, how do you find the motivation to turn things around? Well, today I’m talking to a very special lady who did just that. She also happens to be the world’s best mum, and she’s mine, so hands off.

My motivating ma

My motivating ma

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Wholefoods House Woollahra

As you are no doubt aware by now, I’m not really into ‘skinny’ foods. I used to be – in high school and through my early 20’s I was all about light cheese, light coconut milk, fat-free yoghurt – and God help you if you put full cream milk in my coffee. Ironically, this was probably my most unhealthy and heaviest period (weight-wise) of my life.


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My 10 Favourite Exercise Excuses

Excuses for not exercising are the best. They’re fun, imaginative and – much like the old ‘dog ate my homework’ trick – they’re also completely transparent. Here are 10 of my favourites, as well as some rebuttal for you to use next time you find yourself in an internal argument about whether or not you’re going to the gym.

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It’s OK to be Human

Whatever you do, don’t think about a puppy. Do not think about a cute little pink puppy tummy, just waiting for you to rub it. In fact, do not even think about thinking about a puppy. Stop it. Stop thinking about a puppy!

This is rescue puppy Pikelet (, he's from BDR, same as Lou

This is rescue puppy Pikelet’s pink tummy ( – he’s from BDR, same as Lou ( Please check them out!

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11 Easy Ways to Add Incidental Exercise to Your Life

No doubt you hear the term ‘incidental exercise’ bandied about fairly regularly, but maybe (like many people) you don’t quite understand what it is, and the huge health benefits it can bring. So, what actually is incidental exercise, and how can you apply it to your life to help you burn more calories and lose weight faster? Well in short, incidental exercise is the exercise you get when exercising is not your main objective. (Phew, try saying that five times fast.) It’s the stairs you take two at a time on the way into the office or running for the bus in the morning. And while incidental exercise should never be seen as a replacement for dedicated exercise, it really can make a difference to your health, particularly if weight loss is your main objective.

True that yo, one step at a time. (source:

True that yo, one step at a time. (source:

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