Crispy Skinned Salmon on Salad of Spinach, Blueberries and Pistachios


A couple of weeks back I was asked to put together a recipe for the team over at Shop Naturally. They have a beautiful website and an ethos that we can all aspire to, so of course I was going to say yes. Now, anyone that knows me knows that if I put together a recipe for you there are a couple of things you can be sure of. For starters, it’s going to be pretty simple. And secondly, it’s going to be pretty simple. [Read more…]

Monday Morning Kickstart Workout

Monday morning kickstart

Mondays. It’s fair to say that not many people really truly love them. It’s kind of a shame really, because they offer so much; a fresh start, a clean slate, a whole week of opportunity! But I won’t go into that in too much detail because hearing that on Sunday night will probably make you want to hit me. [Read more…]

The LGF ‘Get Set for Summer’ Six-Week Challenge is ON.


BIG news Team.


I am excited to announce that the Lazy Girl Fitness ‘Get Set for Summer’ Six Week Challenge is locked and loaded, ready to kick off on Monday, 3 November. It’s everything you need (and nothing you don’t!) to slide into summer feeling your fittest, healthiest and happiest. And more than that, it’s going to be six weeks of kick-ass FUN. [Read more…]

Tabata Living Room Workout

Knee plank | Toe plank

Knee plank | Toe plank

Most of the time, I really enjoy working out by myself. I don’t tend to have many issues with motivation – I’m pretty happy to just get in and get my workout done. I know that’s not necessarily the case for everyone though – overwhelmingly, my clients tell me that they see me because they never really push themselves when training alone.

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The Inaugural LGF (Home) Gym Workout

Outdoor workouts are fabulous (after all, they’re what LGF was built on!) but there’s nothing wrong with admitting you like to sweat it out in the gym on occasion as well. I actually haven’t had a gym membership in a while now and I must admit, there are times when I do miss it. Lucky for me I got a little dose of the good stuff last weekend while I was at home.

Some pics from the wedding of the century

Some pics from the wedding of the century

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Group Workout

For whatever reason, in Australia (and around the rest of the world no doubt) most social situations tend to be based around food and/or drinks. And while I’m all for having a good time, if you’re trying to lose weight, alcohol and heavy food are pretty much the enemy.

This could be what's hindering your weight loss...

This could be what’s hindering your weight loss…

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Full Body Kettlebell Workout 1

Kettlebells are one of my favourite pieces of fitness equipment. Compact, versatile and oh-so effective, I can’t remember life as a trainer before them. One of the things I love about them is that you can design a whole workout using only a couple of bells. This means that you can set yourself up in a space on the gym floor and not have to worry about fighting people for the cable machines or treadmills. Or – if you prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home – it means that for a small investment you’ve got yourself a mini gym!

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LGF 28-Day Beach-Ready Butt & Legs Challenge – Starts Today

The glorious heatwave that’s been sweeping the east coast of Australia over the past week has alerted me to the fact that summer is well and truly on its way. And while you all know that I am a huge advocate of maintaining a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle all year round, I’m also pretty sure that it can’t hurt to put in a little extra effort come swimsuit season.

Enter, the 28-Day LGF Beach-Ready Butt & Legs Challenge! Designed for everybody – from the beginner right through to the hardcore gym-bunny – this challenge is sure to have you strutting your stuff with confidence this summer. Now, onto the challenge itself:

legs.butt.challenge - wk1

It’s designed to be adaptable for all levels of experience/age etc. so there are different ‘levels’ of certain exercises that you can choose to do. Let me explain:

Choose either the squat, squat jump or weighted squat, depending on your experience, confidence in your form, knee issues etc.
If you are unsure, I suggest sticking with regular squats until you can consult with a professional.
Pro tip: Keep your weight through your heels and at the bottom of the squat ensure your knees do not go past your toes.

Choose either the forward lunge or lunge jump, again depending on your experience, confidence in your form, knee issues etc.
If you are unsure, I suggest sticking with regular squats until you can consult with a professional
Each leg is one rep. So, left leg lunge, right leg lunge = two lunges
Pro tip: Keep your weight through your heels and at the bottom of the lunge ensure your knee does not go past your toes.

2-leg bridge
No options on this exercise for the moment.
Pro tip: Push up through your heels and squeeze your glutes at the top of the exercise. For maximum effect, hover your butt an inch or so off the ground on the downward portion of the exercise.

Pick any type of burpee you like! I’ve gone with a regular one for the purposes of the demonstration, but feel free to add a push-up, chest-to-floor or any variation you like!

As with the abs challenge, every Monday (starting today!) I’m going to post the weekly challenge on Facebook, so it’ll help if you have ‘liked’ my page (you can do it here). You’ll be committing to five days of work per week, but in the beginning it should only take you a couple of minutes per day to complete. And don’t be concerned if you haven’t done any exercise in a while – the challenge has been designed to be adaptable!

These exercises are primarily designed to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings and quads, but will also help to improve your core and are great calorie-burners due to the number of muscle groups involved. I’m going to take a photo before I start the challenge, and another when it’s over. It’s obviously completely up to you, but I’d suggest you do the same. It’ll be nice to have a little proof that all your hard work has paid off. On that note, I want to mention one very important thing – this challenge should be combined with a good diet for best results.

Wanna go all out? Why not start the LGF 28-Day Abs Challenge today too?



*As always, you should consult your doctor before commencing a new exercise regime.

Another At-Home Dumbbell Workout

We had yet another stunning weekend here in Sydney, so what better way to spend some time than out in the backyard (or on the balcony) with a little LGF workout. As we’ve discussed previously in this blog post here, there’s a lot that can be done with a set of small-ish dumbbells and your own bodyweight.

Not bad Sydney, not bad.

Not bad Sydney, not bad.

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Don’t Feel Like Working Out? Read this.

Earlier this week I had a question from an LGF follower. She said that she’s been struggling to find motivation for her cardio sessions, and asked if I had any tips. The more I thought about it, the more tips I came up with… so much so that I thought the topic deserved a blog post of its own… and here it is!

It’s a fact of life that not every workout is going to be one you look forward to. Whether it’s a style of training you hate or one particular exercise that has you running for the hills, I’ve got a few tips to help you make it through your session unscathed.

Is this you?

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