10-Minute Burpee Mash-Up

burpee mashup
My love of burpees is well documented. Some would go so far as to say that it’s borderline unhealthy, but I find it’s best not to listen to those people – #hatersgonnahate and all that. [Read more…]

Skipping + Bodyweight HIIT Workout

skipping.bwLast Saturday was a bit of a manic day for me. Priorities were pretty much: Lou-walk, spray tan, inordinate amount of washing, pedicure then mad dash to a wedding (spectacular wedding by the way, but that’s a story for another day). Anyway, I knew I wouldn’t have time for a proper workout, but I also knew that I really needed to do something. Situations like this are tough, and the easy way out is just to skip your workout altogether. But we all know that the easy way usually isn’t the best way, right? Right.

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8-Minute Workout Finisher

8-minute workout finisher
Oh my oh my oh my. I feel like I blinked and now the weekend is over Team. It was a crazy busy one, full of workouts and catch-ups and puppy cuddles and a little too much wine. Some would say that’s exactly the way a weekend should be! [Read more…]

The ‘Whenever You Think Of It’ Workout

Whenever you think of it workoutSo you’re new to exercise. That’s good!
But it’s Monday morning. Blergh.
And you had a big weekend. Double blergh.
You’re supposed to work out today. Double, triple, quadruple blergh. [Read more…]

30-Minute Skipping Workout

Super cute yet largely irrelevant meme. Tenuous boxer/boxing link is all I've got.

Super cute yet largely irrelevant meme. Tenuous boxer/boxing link is all I’ve got.

Skipping. It’s not something I’ve done a huge amount of since Jump Rope for Heart back in primary school. Well, that was the case until this past week or so anyway. A few friends and I from work are in the process of learning how to box properly (as opposed to the more boxing-for-fitness stuff I currently do with my groups). As part of that, our trainer (also a colleague) is making us do a lot of skipping, to help us become lighter on our feet. Can I just tell you, I had almost forgotten just how awesome skipping is. What a most excellent workout indeed! [Read more…]

Australia Day Workout

It’s the Australia Day long weekend here, and I am proud to say that so far I have been to Bondi Beach, run around the Harbour, eaten at a Matt Moran restaurant, drank hipster coffee and a slushie cocktail (not consecutively), had a hangover, been to Bunnings and gotten a Southern Cross tattoo. Now if that’s not the most gloriously Australian weekend I could have had then frankly, I give up. [Read more…]

Get Fit for Summer? Get Fit for Life Baby!


So, summer is approximate 75 hours away and – damn it – you’ve left your 2013/14 New Year’s resolution to ‘get fit’ a little late… again. [Read more…]

The 15-Minute Vitality Workout. Plus, Life.


Lord. Do you ever just wonder where time goes? [Read more…]

Total Body Workout for Beginners


It’s been a bit of a crazy week here at Lazy Girl Fitness HQ (otherwise known as ‘wherever I happen to be with my laptop’). Between regular work, training sessions, planning for my Vitality Show workout and preso (more info to come later this week) and preparation for today’s half marathon, I’ve really dropped the ball as far as posting goes. Fear not though, I’m back this week and firing on all cylinders! [Read more…]

10-Minute HIIT Workout

10-minute workout 2

Time. It flies, it’s of the essence and most people don’t have enough of it. In fact, lack of time would have to be the most common excuse I hear for not exercising. And although I totally understand the sentiment. the reality is that we can all find time for a little exercise. [Read more…]