Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Michael Cunico, National PT Manager FF exerciseA couple of weeks ago I spoke to Michael Cunico, National Personal Training Manager at Fitness First, to get a little insight into the most common mistakes he sees happening in the gym (you can check out the full post here). Today he’s back, and we’re talking personal trainers – how a good trainer can help combat these mistakes and what you should look for when you’re searching for a PT. [Read more…]

Trash Yourself Tuesday Workout

trash yourself tuesday

So you know how I did that post last Friday on Five Health Mistakes to Avoid This Weekend? Yeah I definitely made a few of them myself on the weekend. Irony is a bitch. So is wine when you drink too much of it. [Read more…]

8-Minute Workout Finisher

8-minute workout finisher
Oh my oh my oh my. I feel like I blinked and now the weekend is over Team. It was a crazy busy one, full of workouts and catch-ups and puppy cuddles and a little too much wine. Some would say that’s exactly the way a weekend should be! [Read more…]

10-Minute Abs

10-minute abs

Can I let you in on a guilty secret? I’m always skipping out on ab stuff. Unless I sneak it into the middle of my workouts there’s no freaking way I’ll be doing it… I just always find something better to do, like run off to my next appointment, eat my lunch, watch the grass grow. So usually I try to approach abs in a similar way to a mother trying to get her child to eat veggies without it noticing what’s going on. Except in this scenario I’m the mother and the child. It’s a bit like squats, push-ups, plank, lunges… what? Noooo, no abs here Jess, you totally imagined it.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Let’s face it, it can be hard to fool yourself in this kind of scenario. I shouldn’t be such a baby about it though. After all, I know how good it is for me, and who doesn’t want a killer six-pack? (Or at least a two-pack, right?). And throughout the 28-Day Abs Challenge I’m really diligent! But then I fall back into back habits.

Anyway, this week I’ve decided that I will commit to a short standalone abs workout on five of the seven days. It’ll only take 10 minutes and you should do it with me!

Whaddaya ya say?


30-Minute Skipping Workout

Super cute yet largely irrelevant meme. Tenuous boxer/boxing link is all I've got.

Super cute yet largely irrelevant meme. Tenuous boxer/boxing link is all I’ve got.

Skipping. It’s not something I’ve done a huge amount of since Jump Rope for Heart back in primary school. Well, that was the case until this past week or so anyway. A few friends and I from work are in the process of learning how to box properly (as opposed to the more boxing-for-fitness stuff I currently do with my groups). As part of that, our trainer (also a colleague) is making us do a lot of skipping, to help us become lighter on our feet. Can I just tell you, I had almost forgotten just how awesome skipping is. What a most excellent workout indeed! [Read more…]

(Another) Quick & Dirty Workout

IMG_8703Exercise. We’ve all gotta do it, right, but sometimes the idea of getting to the gym is about as appetising as swallowing a handful of super-hot chillies. I.e Not that appetising (unless you’re into that sort of thing). [Read more…]

I’m Home! (+ Advanced Workout 3)

Holy moly it is good to be home. Got here about mid-afternoon yesterday, hung with my very excellent
family and then went into my bedroom to unpack only to realise that I’ve made two fairly epic packing fails: 1. I left my laptop charger in Sydney and 2. I appear to have packed 7 gym tops, 6 gym bottoms and NOT A SINGLE PAIR OF REGULAR BOTTOMS. No shorts, no skirts, heck, not even a casual dress. What an idiot…

Anyway, this morning I got up at 5.30am and put on one of my 85 gym outfits, then Fraser and i did a (very painful) 7km run (note to self: alcohol is not conducive to PBs) and now Keat and I are heading to Yamba to buy some normal-person clothes and have breakfast. She’s driving, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to post my final pre-Christmas advanced workout… On my phone, given the laptop sitch.

It’s a bit of a doozy, I hope you enjoy it!

2 sleeps ’til Santa! Xxx

Advanced Workout 2

Wow. What a heartbreaking start to the week we have had in Sydney. My heart goes out to the hostages, their families and friends, particularly those who were killed when the Lindt Cafe siege reached a climax in the early hours of this morning. The shining beacon of light in this terrible tragedy has been the #illridewithyou campaign, a show of solidarity and peace between Australians, and a beautiful reminder that we can – and will – stand as one, regardless of race, religion etc. [Read more…]

12 Days of Christmas Cumulative Workout – starts tomorrow

LGF_12 Days
Happy Friday Team!

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on (YAY!) so starting tomorrow I’ll be posting a new mini workout each day. The workout is cumulative (just like the song), so by Day 12 – which also happens to be Christmas Eve – you’ll get a killer workout that’s sure to alleviate any pudding-associated guilt. [Read more…]

My Top Four Tips for Shaking that Cup Day Hangover

post-cup workout

So, you went a little hard on Cup Day?

Yeah, it happens.

[Read more…]