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I offer outdoor personal training and group training in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. And because I think there’s nothing more annoying than having to jump through hoops which may or may not involve pledging your firstborn child just to find out how much a PT session costs, I’d like to be open with you:

1-on-1 – $65/45-minute session
2-on-1 – $90/45-minute session
Group training – Find more info on my Bondi group training packages here or contact me for a tailored package.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please fill in the contact form on this site or email me on


8-Week Challenge

Catherine Cooper
I have now completed two eight-week challenges with Jess at Lazy Girl Fitness.

My aim was to build my strength, flexibility and more importantly, improve my fitness. Not only have I achieved these results tremendously, furthermore I have personally grown in confidence and learnt to trust my capabilities.

Jess brings a lot of excitement, enthusiasm and variety to each session and thanks to her easygoing, friendly personality she creates a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. Jess will always go that extra mile to cater for your individual needs. She knew my weaknesses and went out of her way to provide me with individualised exercise routines.

It is thanks to Jess that I now have a healthy ‘body’ and ‘mind’.  

Personal Training

“I have worked with Jess for three years now and she’s been a great trainer and motivator before, during and after pregnancy. Jess is professional and enthusiastic about PT and her clients and with her extensive knowledge and individual exercise programs, sessions are never dull. She knows how to encourage and when to push, without going to the extreme.” 

“I’ve really enjoyed training with Jess – every session is different and challenging but most of all fun! I think what I’ve enjoyed – and benefited from most – is how different my training is now to what it was before. I love the HIIT sessions, which have helped my fitness levels for running and netball. I definitely feel stronger and fitter and love the fact that our workouts are outside and away from the gym. I’ve also reached a personal goal of actually being able to do ‘man’ pushups!
I can’t recommend Jess enough. She knows her stuff, is an excellent trainer and positive person to be around, plus her sessions are fun – especially when she brings her four-legged sidekick Lou along!”


  1. Joanna Murphy says:

    I’d sign up but you live 12 hours away. This may make it difficult for regular sessions. 😦

  2. Hi – I’m trying to email you but won’t go through on your email address above – can you email me back? Thanks

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